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Frequently asked questions about Chiropractic Care and Red Bluff Chiropractic Center. 

  • Are you accepting new patients?
    Yes! Red Bluff Chiropractic Center is currently accepting new patients!
  • What Conditions do Chiropractors Treat?
    Doctors of Chiropractic care for patient's of all ages with a variety of health conditions. Chiropractors focus on the treatment of back and joint pain using skilled adjustments to the joints. Chiropractors also care for patients with injuries to the musculoskeletal including muscles, ligaments, and joints. In addition chiropractors offer advice on diet, nutrition, exercise, healthy habits, and occupational and lifestyle modifications.
  • Are Chiropractic Adjustments Safe?
    Yes! Chiropractic is widely recognized as one of the safest nondrug, noninvasive forms of health care. The risks associated with chiropractic care are very small. Many patients will feel immediate relief following a chiropractic adjustment, but some patients may feel mild soreness following the adjustment. The soreness should fade within 24 hours.
  • Does Chiropractic Treatment Require a Referral from an MD?
    No, chiropractic care does not require a referral from an MD. Most insurance plans allow you to just call and schedule an appointment.
  • How is a Chiropractic Adjustment Performed?
    A chiropractic adjustment is a skilled manual procedure using either the chiropractors hands or specialized tools that can perform the adjustment. A chiropractic adjustment is a highly controlled procedure that rarely causes discomfort. The chiropractor will adapt to fit the needs of each patient.
  • Why is there a Popping Sound During the Adjustment?
    Adjustment of the joint releases a gas bubble between the joints which makes the popping sound. The noise is caused by the change of pressure within the joint leading to gas bubbles being released much like when popping knuckles.
  • What Should I Wear to an Adjustment?
    Dress comfortably so the doctor can get to the area of complaint. Also, there may be some moving around involved in the adjustment so it is imperative to be in comfortable clothes.
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